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Linda M from Brooklyn, NY

First Time Buyer

Highly recommend Renee. As a first-time buyer, I had limited knowledge of the co-op buying procedure. In fact, I didn’t even know anyone who’d bought a co-op before, so I had no friend who could offer counsel. This is a vulnerable position to be in, and it was all too easy to feel apprehensive about being “taken for a ride”, or in another imagined bad scenario, in the hands of someone who was inept. I knew I would need the help of a very good, honest realtor.

I had met Renee at an open house for an apartment really out of my range, but having been impressed with her professionalism and the time she took to explain things to me, I decided to contact her when I finally wished to move forward in the process. ¬†She directed me to others I needed in the process (mortgage broker, insurance agent), all of whom she’d worked with before so that I had a sense of a competent, cohesive team working on my behalf. Renee is very thorough, and made sure we put together a set of documents that would get positive results from a co-op board.Any time we encountered a snag, she assured me she was “on it”, and she was. I received almost daily calls and/or emails apprising me of the status as we moved along. She has many years’ experience in her field, and it was evident, as no situation seemed to faze her–she’d seen it and solved it before. I had a sense she was in control of the situation, a great reassurance to me.

Besides all this, she is personable and warm, important qualities when you have to work as closely as we did over a period of some months. As I stated up above, I highly recommend her services to ensure a smooth transaction all around.

Louie Jie Mahusay

CEO, Front End Designer

Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house. As an extended service, we also provide house packages that give you access to an array of house designs, suited to a variety of lot sizes and unique family needs